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The History of Muddy Brook


          After a terrible fire at the Lancaster House on Woodstock Hill in January 1934, Vernon T. Wetherell decided to form a fire department. He collected $1200 with the help of the 18 other Charter Members and then purchased a Lincoln car, which was the department’s first apparatus. It was converted into a fire truck by adding hose, a Ford motor, a pump and putting it all onto a wooden platform. The Muddy Brook Fire Department’s first call was a chimney fire in February of 1935.

          Today the Muddy Brook Fire Department operates out of the expanded original station on Woodstock Road with two rescue trucks, one engine-tanker, one tanker, one engine, one hose tender, one forestry truck and one service truck. While the equipment today might be more high-tech and safer, with improved training and pagers, some things will never change: the department members will continue volunteering their time and services to the community.

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