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Woodstock, Connecticut

          The town of Woodstock has a population of 7800 residents spread across 61.8 square miles. It is protected by three fire departments, the Woodstock Volunteer Fire Association (Station 76) in Woodstock Hill & South Woodstock, the Bungay Fire Brigade (Station 77) in West Woodstock & Woodstock Valley and the Muddy Brook Fire Department (Station 75) in North & East Woodstock. The town is mostly rural with a large agricultural base. The town is also the site of the Woodstock Fair that takes place every Labor Day weekend. This event brings almost 250,000 people into town.

Emergency Response

          When someone calls 911 in the town of Woodstock the following happens. The phone call goes to the Quinebaug Valley Emergency Communications dispatch center that answers 911 calls and dispatches 37 fire departments, 14 ambulance services, 2 municipal police department, and 2 state police agencies Eastern Connecticut. The dispatcher determines what type of emergency is present and dispatches the appropriate response.

Fire Calls

          A fire call is a fire in any type of structure, vehicle or grass/brush. Response to fire calls varies depending on what the fire is. Muddy Brook alone, in most cases, handles vehicle and outside fires. Fire in a structure (house, barn, etc) in the town of Woodstock will have all three fire departments, Muddy Brook, Bungay, and the Woodstock Volunteers respond. This occurs because of the lack of fire hydrants in town. Without hydrants there is a need to have many trucks responding that carry lots of water. Every time all three departments are dispatched over 14,000 gallons of water is available for fire suppression.


Medical Calls

          A medical call is an emergency response that includes everything from car accidents to heart attacks to broken bones. Typically Rescue 175 will respond and care for the patient(s) until the Woodstock Ambulance can arrive to transport the patient(s) to the appropriate hospital. Rescue 475 and ET 175 will also respond for all car accidents or any rescue situation. Woodstock EMS has two ambulances that are housed in South Woodstock at the Woodstock Volunteer Fire Association station. Woodstock EMS is made up of medical personnel from all three of the Woodstock fire departments.


Service Calls

          A service call is considered a non-emergency that the fire department is best equipped to handle. This can include animal rescue, wires down, traffic control, and lift assists. On a service call the apparatus response will differ based on what is required.

Finding You

          It is vitally important that the fire department be able to locate you in an emergency. With that in mind your house number should be visible and easily readable from the road.


For All Emergencies Call: 911

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